Restaurant Turistico Olaya, Peru (Pic du Jour)

Blue and yellow station wagon through a Bus Window

More specifically, north of the Pacific surfing town of Máncora on the Pan American highway.

This is one still from a short video/slide show I’m piecing together of shots taken through dirty bus windows during a 21-hour ride between Lima and Tumbes, Peru. I like the dreamy color tones the tinted window provided, a good feel for a project chronicling a sleepy and mundane long-distance transit.

The video will be similar in style to Anticipating El Alto, an experimental drive-by documentary of Bolivia’s second largest city, that I worked on last December. Check it out if you haven’t seen it. There are less interesting way to spend 230 seconds. I’m hoping to have it wrapped up over the weekend.

Snapped on 09-May-2013


Every Day is Earth Day (Pic du Jour)

Medellin 022 Pachamama

Just a reminder.

I found this in Medellin, Colombia last June and saved it for today to help celebrate the 100th (!) consecutive Pic du Jour since I re-kick-started this daily project. You’re welcome. :)

In case you missed it below is Tierra en Agonia (Earth in Agony) by Ramiro Machaca from the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Plaza, La Paz, Bolivia, posted on Earth Day last year. I have dozens of shots from the museum’s collection; since they’re not available anywhere else on-line that I’m aware of, I’ll be posting several and making them available with a Creative Commons license in the next month or so.

Tierra en Agonia (Earth in Agony), Ramiro Machaca, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Plaza, La Paz, Bolivia

Tierra en Agonia (Earth in Agony), Ramiro Machaca, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Plaza, La Paz, Bolivia



Peacocks at the State Attorney’s Office – Pic du Jour (and Daily Gallery)

Peacocks at the State Attorney's Office, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21-Apr-2014

Peacocks at the State Attorney’s Office, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21-Apr-2014

I spotted these two peacocks on the stoop at Slovenia’s State Attorney’s Office this afternoon. Zoo escape? Easter Monday tradition? To get your fill, four more images below.

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The World’s Coolest Square: 49 Photos From Medellin’s Botero Plaza

Venus snoozing in Medellin's Botero Plaza

Venus snoozing in Medellin’s Botero Plaza

It didn’t take me long to decide that Botero Plaza was among my favorite public gathering places in the world. And that’s only partly because it’s the eponymous square of one my favorite contemporary artists.

Situated in the Old Quarter of Medellin’s city center, it’s home to 23 sculptures by Fernando Botero, the city’s favorite son, which he donated to the Museo de Antioquia, a world class art museum that dominates the square’s west side. They’ve been on permanent display in what is Medellin’s only open air museum since 2002.

What struck me most about the area is how welcoming the space actually is, one where seemingly everyone feels at home. Young mothers, drunks, beggars, cigarette and lime juice vendors freely intermingle with musicians, tourists, artists and bankers. Being surrounded by nearly two dozen stunning larger-than-life examples of human sensuality has a certain calming effect. Here it’s very palpable. Infectious.

Botero Plaza

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Salon Malaga, Medellin – Pic du Jour

Salon Malaga, Medellin

Salon Malaga, Medellin

At the Salon Malaga on Calle 51 Bolivar, in Medellin, Colombia, near the San Antonio metro station. It’s packed with old jukeboxes from various eras, the walls are covered with photos of singers and musicians, and coffee is just eight hundred pesos, around forty-two cents. It was good coffee, too.

Snapped on 05-Jun-2013; mentioned on my RTW Week #20 round-up here.


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Atop the Eiffel Tower, in Sucre

From atop the Eiffel Tower in Sucre, Bolivia

From atop the Eiffel Tower — in Sucre, Bolivia

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 96th (!) straight, was taken from atop the Eiffel Tower which sits in the center of Parque Simon Bolivar in Sucre, Bolivia. It looks nothing like the Parisian landmark, isn’t nearly as tall, is much more rickety but was in fact designed by Gustav Eiffel.

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After 122 Months, a Return to Film

This wall is near the Cobbler’s Bridge in Ljubljana’s old town center, the first picture I shot on film in ten years and two months. I intend to make many more.

This journey ‘back’ began innocently last fall when on a whim at a flea market I dropped €22 on a Zenit EM and a roll of Ilford 50 ASA black and white film that was two years beyond its expiration date. My edition of the Soviet workhorse SLR was released in 1979 for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, but the brand dates back to 1952.

Soviet workhorse

Soviet workhorse. Heavier than a Macbook Pro.

It came with a Helios-44, a fixed 58mm lens with a f/2 – f/16 aperture range. Combined, the camera and lens weigh about as much as my MacBook Pro. And is much louder, too. I like the smell of the leather case.

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