I'm Bob Ramsak, a reporter, photographer and editor with a lust for travel, art, culture and justice. I've visited 53 countries and I make pictures and write something every day. I'm based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Piran Café is my notebook.

Maria Falvey

Beautiful shot Bob - colors, texture, lighting. Would love to sit there and while away the hours.

Bob R

Thanks Maria. Soldiers seemed to enjoy it, too. :)

Maria Falvey

Wonderful shot of pageantry Bob.

Sumit Surai

Breathtakingly beautiful place and stunning photography too! At the same time it feels sad that glaciers all over the world are receding.

Maria Falvey

Bob, Love the commentary on both grammar and the environment.

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Bolivian border post, near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Boliviapic du jour

Bolivian Border Post, near San Pedro de Atacama

At 4488m (14,724 ft) above sea level, quite likely on the short list of the world’s highest border crossings.

Bruised mannequin, Lima
Perupic du jour

Mannequin Monday 13

From the Peruvian capital with the Pinball Wizard.

Boatyard, Tarqui Beach, Manta, Ecuador

25 Minutes at the Manta Boatyard

If you’re an early riser and start your day with a walk on the eastern end of Tarqui Beach in Manta, Ecuador, chances are good that you’ll be humming Elvis Costello standards before breakfast.

Copacabana, Bolivia, from Cerro Calvario at sunset

Bolivia’s Cerro Calvario – a Tour in 22 Photos

This is a view of Copacabana, Bolivia’s main settlement along the shores of Lake Titicaca, taken from the top of Cerro Calvario just before sunset. The views are similarly attractive in each direction —if you ignore the piles of trash.