Today’s daily pic –the sixth (!) in a row– was actually taken this afternoon. This is France Prešeren (no, his name is not pronounced like the country), Slovenia’s national poet, who wrote Zdravljica, a drinking song that is also the country’s national anthem. Like many great poets, he was somewhat of a scoundrel, not particularly happy, died relatively young, and had a statue erected in his honor. This one is in the center of Ljubljana, in a square that bears his name.

This site is a terrific starting point for more, with good bio info, translations of his works, thoughts from his contemporaries, and delightful tidbits about Slovenia in the early 1800s, including this:

Slovenes did not even have their own word for toilet: up until 1844, only foreign words were used – such a ‘Abtritt’, ‘Privet’ or ‘sekret’. Only in 1844 did Kmetijske in rokodelske novice (The Farming and Crafts News), edited by the vet Dr Janez Bleiweis, suggest the use of the word “vstraniše” for the contraption which is nowadays taken for granted, as “we throw away into it that which cannot go anywhere else”.