Did I do something wrong?

About an hour after an interesting discussion Sunday afternoon about the charges brought against Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk –more about what the Nobel prize winner called a “freedom of expression issue” here– I tried to log on to this blog at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport and this is what I saw:


No, the locals aren’t just picking on me. Apparently all wordpress sites have been blocked in Turkey. Anyone know exactly what set this off?

Updated: This was a quite recent development. No time to expand, but the reason is provided here [http://wordpress.com/blog/2007/08/19/why-were-blocked-in-turkey/], along with a lengthy debate.

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  1. Some creationist idiot got all WordPress sites legally blocked by a tribunal given that they can be used to poison people’s mind with that evil anti-religious crap from Darwin and his evolution. :)

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