jat_archive.jpgPromised long ago; here are another dozen or so zines produced during the 80s that I’ve managed to hold on to. [Part I, with more about the zine industry, is here.] (S)crap #6, below, had a sandpaper cover. 

If you have any zines stashed away, why not scan ’em and add ’em to the The Piran Café Zine Repository on flickr. The group is targeted primarily to zines published during the Reagan and early Bush I years, an era that was a particularly creative one.  

If you don’t have and don’t want a flick account, pass them along to me at trentonlight @ hotmail . com and I’ll add them for you.

Anyone know what some of these publishers are up to these days?

viscosity.jpg vicki_in_soft_focus.jpg vice_versa_4-2.jpg to_burn_a_woman.jpg

storm_warning_18.jpg storm_warning_16.jpg storm_warning_12.jpg

scrap_6.jpg  marvelous_marthas_comics_4.jpg 

regression.jpg mallife_17.jpg dust_dog_review_1.jpg