– Steven Silberberg has a passion for barf bags. But he doesn’t limit himself to air sickness bags nabbed from airplanes. His online exhibit –warning: all 2102 bags currently on display are on a single slow-loading webpage— begins with one I’d love to have.

This one was apparently produced to commemorate the 1972 Republican National Convention. (If anyone has one, unused preferably, from September’s convention please let me know. I’d LOVE to have one and will pay top dollar euro.)

– The late John K. Lattimer, a noted urologist and Columbia University professor possessed an odd curiosity as a collector. Among his prized possessions of military parapernilia and memorabilia was Abraham Lincoln’s blood-stained collar and Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis.

The Little Corporal’s little corporal is now resting in peace in the professor’s daughter’s basement in Englewood, New Jersey. [Video here by Tony Perrotet, author of Napoleon’s Privates, but fear not, filming of the 187-year-old pecker wasn’t allowed].

– Graham Barker’s passion is slightly more personal. The Perth, Australia native has been collecting his own navel fluff since 1984.

Like uncirculated banknotes or stamps, my navel fluff is in mint condition. When harvested, I remove any body hair from the fluff then store it immediately in a jar, where it remains uncontaminated.

Barker also collects beard clippings and printed bakery bags.

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