I don’t think I achieved what I wanted to with photography in 2008. Maybe that was simply because I didn’t really know precisely what I wanted to achieve. (An actual goal is in order for 2009.) It took a while to get used to my first digital SLR, relearning things I used to know, or, at least I thought I knew.

So in a sense it wasn’t too difficult to whittle down my personal favorites for the year to a group of 20, which were shot in the following places: Monte Carlo; Syros (Greece /on the Aegean, Stuttgart, Paris, Rome, Milan, Lyon, Vienna, Berlin, Linz, Beijing, Split (Croatia), Koper (Slovenia) and Kobarid (Slovenia).

This one, of a billboard near Vienna’s Sudbahnhof, I particularly enjoyed. Here are the rest of “the best” of 2008.

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Wien Südbahnhof , originally uploaded by pirano.

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