On Wednesday, a group of about a dozen neo-Nazi skinheads disrupted a roundtable discussion on hate speech, nationalism and neo-fascism at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana. On their way out, they reportedly broke a couple cameras, but on one the footage was preserved for internet posterity.  PopTV has video of the scuffle here. Anyone you know?

Some reports pointed the finger at a nationalist group, Tukaj je Slovenija, or This is Slovenia, which the group vehemently denied. “We are not an organization,” read a statement on its website, but rather an association of individuals. [Their website is here where, among other things, you can buy black t-shirts with dragon designs so you can dress up like neo-Nazi skinhead youths the world over!]

Related? Shock! Richard Poplawski, the man accused of gunning down three police officers in Pittsburgh last week, was apparently a gun-loving racist pinhead who hung out on neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites and firmly believed the Fox News line that Obama’s impending socialism would signal the end of his right to own and love guns.

At least it’s a lot harder to get your hands on a gun here.

UPDATED to add this link to a couple posts on the topic from Pengovsky, always worth a read.

(screenshot from PopTV video)

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