If you were wondering where the Northampton Transport Peace Bus Wound up..


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.. you can sleep more peacefully now because I found it Wednesday at the edge of a grocery store parking lot In Polhov Gradec, a small town about 20 kilometers west of Ljubljana.

Yes, you really do find the darnedest things on countryside bike rides around here.

“It’s been here through the winter plus a few months before that,” one woman told me, confirming that the  owner was indeed a local. “I’ve gotten used to it. I like the colors.”

I agreed. “Yes, they’re very peaceful.”

Now I needed to find out how this early 1960s double decker bus wound up in Polhov Gradec, a town best known as the home to ruins of a 14th century castle.

A google search for Orange double decker Peace bus led to this story published in March 2010, suggesting that owner is, or at least was in 2010, an adherent of the teachings and meditation practices of Prem Rawat. My balloon of interest suddenly deflated.

But it is nicely refabed – roomy on the first floor –which I was able to see– and laid out as a video projection room on the top floor –which I didn’t see.

If you’re interested there is plenty more on its 2009 inaugural tour around the Slovenian countryside in the story which also confirms that the bus is apparently a 1959 model.

I wonder if it’s available for rent.


Last modified: March 28, 2016

12 Responses to " If you were wondering where the Northampton Transport Peace Bus Wound up.. "

  1. travelnwrite says:

    A great find indeed. I’d never heard of it, so what a treat to ‘find’ it and learn its history!

  2. jade says:

    too funny! I love those old types of buses- I once saw one painted up for a wedding, it was really cute!

  3. That’d be pretty sweet if you could rent it and wander around for a bit. I may be popping over to Slovenia this fall. Might need to hunt it down.

  4. Leigh says:

    You went to a lot of work to find its’ history. Good for you – I don’t think many people would. And it is a cool looking bus.

  5. Well I hadn’t been wondering where the Northampton Peace Bus was, I certainly feel better now knowing that you found it parked safely in Slovenia. Quite an interesting story to uncover well out for a bike ride!

  6. Allison says:

    Like your local, I like the colors. Discoveries like this are part of what makes travel great.

  7. Denise Pulis says:

    hehehehe I would live in that bus!

  8. How cool! I love the interesting story that went with it. I’m sure some university whose colors these are (one I can’t think of now) would happily adopt this bus. What a nice find for you!

  9. Nancie M says:

    What a way to travel. In another life my former partner and I had a 1969 VW van. We put a lot of miles on that thing.


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