35 Minutes at the Bohinjska Bistrica Train Station

Bohinjska Bistrica Station, 24-Sep-2012

And a quaint station it is. On this quiet, lazy and rainy fall mid-afternoon it bordered on the sublime.

These were taken in late September just before an unscheduled return from a rained out camping trip, another contribution for my Slovenian train station project. The goal? To snap a few shots from each of the country’s 272 train stations and stops. That project has been moving slower than the slowest SLO train.

Bohinjska Bistrica is where you’ll stop if you plan to visit Lake Bohinj, a much more pristine setting than the better known and more heavily-visited Lake Bled. It’s only about 20 kilometers up the road/rails and well worth it. Even if all you’ll wind up doing is shooting a timelapse in the rain.

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