Omara Portuondo in Buenos Aires – Pic du Jour


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A lovely tribute to the legendary Cuban voice on the Avenida Independencia in San Telmo. Stopping to snap the pic also provided a good opportunity to clean the dog crap off the soles of my shoes. Come on, Porteños, it really is time to get that together, ok? My hostess and I thank you.

Here’s Portuondo with the Buena Vista Social Club in Buenos Aires in October 2011 at the nearby Luna Park.

Last modified: June 10, 2015

4 Responses to " Omara Portuondo in Buenos Aires – Pic du Jour "

  1. A voice that touches one’s heart. Beautiful painting as well.

  2. Ry Cooder brought the Buena Vista Social into the spot light with a wonderful hart warming movie.


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