Ethiopian Expats in Doha (Pic du Jour)

Ethiopians fans in Doha

‘Community’ is the prompt for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. I immediately thought of expats and the communities they create when forced, by choice or circumstance, to live far from home. And that led to this shot of part of the Ethiopian expat community in Doha, Qatar, who gather each May to cheer on their nation’s runners at the annual Diamond League track & field meet.

The jobs that bring them there vary wildly, but for the many who work in the construction trade or as domestic workers, their experience isn’t pleasant. Here, those troubles are set aside and forgotten, for at least for a few hours.

Photo snapped in Doha, Qatar, 14-May-2010
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  1. EXCELLENT! – a particularly timely representation of ‘community’! They have so much reason to delight in belonging to their own, now … here’s hoping it all goes well.

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  4. Sports is one of the biggest gathering together of communities on earth. And what a community they are—out to have a good and happy time, out to root for someone to succeed. Now, we just have to start rooting for each other, not necessarily to succeed, but to be happy, to be serving, to be loving. Get that down right and all else will come together for the best community on earth.

    But for a different sort of community, here is my entry for this week’s challenge: Community (and Sub-communities) :)

    • Very nicely said. :) Thank you.

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