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There is no real Piran Café, nor is this one located in Piran, the millennium-old Adriatic seaside city that rests at the tip of a peninsula at the easternmost edge of Slovenia. This one sits in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, some 130 kms from Piran. I once seriously considered opening a café in a relatively quiet seaside setting, where I would graciously host weary travelers, underemployed artists and musicians, poets, priests, prisoners and politicians, and other voices of desperate illumination. That real Piran Café is now the destination.

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Update: 13-Sept-2013 – I just wrapped up a seven-month overland trip from Tierra del Fuego to San Jose, Costa Rica, where I was halted by a bout of Hepatitis A. Now I’m writing a book about it.

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Based in Ljubljana, I travel quite a bit as a reporter, primarily around Europe. But you won’t find anything remotely related to my professional life here. Cafés are necessary escapes and roadside rest stops. My passions include travel, art, design, photography, justice, museums, wine and sushi. Politics usually lurk nearby. In the past year I’ve taken a liking to making short videos. When they and I cross paths, those are some of the things you’ll find here. And plenty of personal bookmarks on wide-ranging topics that happen to fall within the wide parameters of my obsessions at any given time.

I’ve been to about 45 51 countries and want to increase that to 145 151 before all is said and done. Before hitting the road (and if the trip is on my dime), I like to check how to get to where I’m going as cheaply as possible, and to check out where I am once I’m there –whenever time allows. I’ll share some of that here too. That, and bits and pieces about Ljubljana and Slovenia and the rest of the immediate region.

This isn’t a personal ‘day in the life’ kind of thing. Those blogs aren’t my cup of green tea, and I won’t bore others with such an indulgence. More about me? I was born in Slovenia, but spent virtually all of my life in the US, mainly in Ohio. Choosing to watch George W. Bush’s re-election from afar, I returned to Slovenia permanently in May 2004.

This café went live on 19-December-2006 at 1.34 am. Everything prior to 19-Dec-06 is/will be backdated, when time allows — mainly photographs, travel tidbits, mini-travelogues, some posts from my (3) now-defunct blogs and (4) unfinished manuscripts, and other notes from the road. None of the backdated entries have been/will be changed with the benefit of hindsight. The backdating is simply a chronological reference to some of the places I’ve been, presenting information that I hope will be useful and/or entertaining.

Enjoy, and bring a friend.



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