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Project Ice screen cap

Project: Ice – Review

There’s a lot to like about PROJECT: ICE, a new feature length documentary about the Great Lakes of North America, now making the rounds on the festival circuit. It’s part history, part folklore and part geology lesson, all beautifully shot...

A dock on North Carolina's Bogue Sound just before sunset

Bogue Sound Sunset (Pic du Jour)

While many visitors to Bogue Banks focus their attention on the Atlantic shore side of this North Carolina island, quite a few opt for the north-facing side and Bogue Sound which separates the island from the mainland portion of Carteret...


Daysleeper, Cleveland

I’m sometimes quite impressed with the ways people can find a place to enjoy a nap in the middle of a large urban area. Today’s Pic du Jour is one case in point. I spotted this man, laying on a small pier on the east bank of the Cuyahoga...

Oscar Wilde mural in Portland, Oregon

Happy Birthday, Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde would have been 159 today. Some are taken from us much too soon. The photo above was snapped in Portland, Oregon, in August. And below, enjoy a slide show featuring photos of Wilde’s tomb at the Père Lachaise cemetery from a...