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Dam Project Threat Still Looms Large in Chilean Patagonia

I reached the northern terminus of southern Chile’s Carretera Austral last week, just after Tuesday slid into Wednesday. All things considered, it is one of the most profoundly beautiful stretches of road I’ve ever experienced. Pristine glacier-fed lakes and jagged Andean peaks line both sides of the largely unpaved and sometimes rough road. It passes
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Slovenia Comes of Age – Government Sites Targeted by Anonymous

When Slovenia signed on to Acta last week, did they actually think nobody would notice? Or maybe just hoping that most of Anonymous’s hackers simply wouldn’t know where (or what) Slovenia was? From the video: We encourage anyone out there, for the freedom of yourself or for the freedom of your brothers and sisters in
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Ljubljana’s ‘Boj Za’ Camp, Day 7 (LJ Pics of the Day)

Here are a few shots taken about an hour ago of the gradually growing camp of demonstrators in the plaza in front of Ljubljana’s Stock Exchange. The three large army tents firmly in place likens the area to a small, but growing refugee camp. General assemblies continue daily at 6 pm along with a full
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