Menton Mannequin

A Menton Moment (Mannequin Monday 9)

Poor woman. A lazy eye and a bruised nose, too. If you’re new to this weekly series that’s taking and breaking the internets by storm, you can and should catch up here. Enjoy and please tell all your friends! Menton, France, 21 June 2011

Farská Street, Bratislava

A Quiet Street, Bratislava

It was just after seven on a Sunday evening. Voices of a nearby crowd carried on the gentle breeze, yet this small cobblestone street, with Bratislava castle peeking right back at me, was perfectly, beautifully empty. Today’s Pic du Jour, the 196th (!) straight, was snapped on Farská Street in …

Alex's costume from A Clockwork Orange on display at a Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the National Museum in Krakow

Kubrick Exhibition in Krakow: a Tour in 32 Photos

Stanley Kubrick would have been 86 today. Some are taken from us much too soon. My visit to Krakow, Poland last month coincided with central Europe’s only stop of EXHIBITION: Stanley Kubrick, the first comprehensive exhibit focusing on the work of the legendary director. About 1,000 pieces make up the …

Sunset near Kavarna, Bulgaria

Kavarna Sunset, and Snapwire

I should be more specific. Here in Slovenia, a kavarna is a café. This fiery orange scene was snapped back in October 2012 just outside of the city of Kavarna, a town on the Black Sea coast in northeastern Bulgaria. There was no coffee house in the immediate vicinity. I’ve …

Mannequin, Stockholm

Mannequin Monday 8

Mannequin Monday heads to northern Europe this week and lands in Stockholm, Sweden’s Old Town, or Gamla Stan, where I spotted this hipster, a reminder of how brutal Scandinavian winters can be. Summers, too, apparently. If you’re new to this weekly series, you can and should catch up here. Enjoy …

Heathen Maiden, Vršič Pass, Slovenia

The Legend of the Heathen Maiden

This is Ajdovska deklica, or the Heathen Maiden, whose forlorn visage hangs permanently on the sheer rock face of the 2,547m (8,356 ft) high Prisojnik, a mountain that forms part of the eastern wall of Slovenia’s Vršič pass. It’s a natural formation caused by rock fractures that rests at the …

Mannequins, Istanbul

Mannequin Monday 7

This week Mannequin Monday moves from the Americas to Istanbul, where Europe and Asia meet, and home to the store front where subjects of primitive brain implant experimentation apparently wind up. If you’re new to this weekly series, you can and should catch up here. Enjoy! Istanbul, Turkey, 14-Mar-2012

Ljubljana Central Market, July 2014

Ljubljana Central Market II

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 181st straight (!), was shot after hours this afternoon at Ljubljana’s Central Market where I still proudly rule as Mayor. On Foursquare, that is. I’ve curtailed my visits back from six per week lately but still maintain a market-related photo album on Google+ when I’m …

Guard tower door at Auschwitz

Guard Tower, Auschwitz (Pic du Jour)

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 180th (!) straight, is a door lock on a guard tower located at the western end of the Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp, a relic of a bygone era that refuses to die. Near Oświęcim, Poland, 19-June-2014.

Ronnie James Dio Memorial Kavarna 4

The World’s Only Ronnie James Dio Memorial – a Six Photo Gallery

A six photo tour of the Ronnie James Dio memorial in Kavarna, Bulgaria, the world’s only monument to the heavy metal music icon.