Pic du JourSlovenia

Slovenia’s Pericnik Waterfall – The Only Introductory Guide You’ll Ever Need

A brief and practical guide to Slovenia's best known waterfall....

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FeaturedMuseumsPhotographyPic du JourPoland

45 Minutes at the Bydgoszcz Museum of Photography

An illustrated guide to the Bydgoszcz Museum of Photography, the only museum of its kind in northern Poland....

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FeaturedPic du JourSloveniaTravel

Slovenia’s Kozjak Waterfall and Soča River Gorge – Images and Traveler’s Notebook

A day trip in Slovenia's most beautiful river valley....

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Pic du JourPoland

Swietej Trojcy 23, Bydgoszcz

A century-old townhouse that briefly stole my attention....

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FeaturedMuseumsPic du JourPoland

31 Photos From the Gdansk Gallery of Old Toys

An exploration of some of Poland's more mischievous 20th century history....

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FeaturedPic du JourPolandUrban Canvases

“I am some art”, in Bydgoszcz

Friendly faces....

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ArtPic du JourPoland

16 Images from the 2016 Polish Academies of Fine Arts Graduates Exhibit – Gdansk

Above is a piece from “Z mojej piersi sie wyrwalo” by Barbara Rej, one of 16 images from works currently on display at the...

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Documentary PhotographyPic du JourSlovenia

14 Minutes in Kresnice, Slovenia

A brief stop in a settlement of about 700 25km from the Slovenian capital....

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ArtFeaturedNorwayPic du JourUrban Canvases

Unknown Numbers – Oslo Mural Celebrating Free Speech Champions

Unknown Numbers is a 60-meter-long tribute to and celebration of freedom of speech that appears on the Peace Wall outside of the Nobel...

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Documentary PhotographyFeaturedNorwayPic du Jour

35 Minutes in Central Oslo

A Six-Snap Slice of the Norwegian capital....

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CroatiaFeaturedPic du JourTravel

Oprtalj, Croatia – Image Gallery and Visitor’s Notebook

An Istrian village that’s shied away from the common tug towards commercialized quaintness to instead maintain a strong connection to its...

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Pic du JourSlovenia

Slovenia Turns 25

Slovenia celebrated its 25th birthday today. And it's still acting like a teenager....

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European UnionPic du JourUK

The Consequences of Brexit

Nobody knows. But it is a big step backwards for European cooperation....

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Andrzej Wroblewski: Six Works by and a Brief Introduction to Poland’s Best Post-War Figurative Painter

Six works by, and an introduction to the noted post-war painter who would have been 89 today....

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BLIND DATE Ljubljana 2016, International Artist’s Book Festival – 17 Images

Celebrating the flourishing art of zines and artist's books....

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Pic du JourSlovenia

58 Minutes in Ljubljana’s Center District

Scene, Heard & Happening in Ljubljana: Week of May 16-22, 2016...

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Berr Hotel, Istanbul: a 35 Second Review

A pleasant stay off the tourist trail....

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Documentary PhotographyFeaturedStreet PhotographyTurkey

17 Minutes Outside of Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar

A speed shooting exercise near a busy Istanbul landmark....

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Documentary PhotographyFeaturedPic du JourStreet PhotographyTurkey

40 Minutes on Akdeniz Caddesi, Fatih, Istanbul

A brief photo stroll on Mediterranean Avenue....

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Pic du JourStreet PhotographyTurkey

Be the Boss (Istanbul Airport)

Would anyone like to offer a deconstruction of this abstraction?...

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