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Glenn Hughes mural in Kavarna, Bulgaria

Kavarna’s Heavy Metal Murals

If you ever make it to the Bulgarian Black Sea coastal town of Kavarna, you’ll likely find yourself staring at this two-and-a-half story high mural of heavy metal journeyman Glenn Hughes which graces a building just up the block from city...

Wind farm near Kavarna, Bulgaria, October 2012.

Wind Power – Pic du Jour

I came across the Thomas Dolby song Windpower earlier tonight, which led to a much-needed final look at some photos I took in Kavarna, Bulgaria, in October. Among them this quick snap of one of the area’s ubiquitous wind farms. Bulgaria...

Somewhere between Bohinj and Bled, 24-Sep-2012

A Train, a Bus and a Stolen Bike

My bike was stolen today, the third since I moved to Ljubljana. It was locked but still snatched in broad daylight, ruining what was an otherwise excellent day. I’m leaving in 94 days so I won’t dwell on it. One less thing to store...


Point of Entry – Varna

When entering a country, it’s always reassuring that one of the first things you learn is that radiation levels are normal. Varna Airport, Bulgaria, 03-Oct-2012.