Paris Miss-tic

My First Miss.Tic!

No, of course I'm not admitting to my first mistake. When I do finally make one however, you'll be the first to know. Promise. I've read a lot about French street artist Miss.Tic over the years, seen photos of many of her creations and thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit of her work that I stumbled upon in Berlin last fall. But it wasn't until last month that I finally saw an original by this Parisian on her home turf. It even features a bike! And I love her hair. :) Enjoy.
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Higgins Boat Restoration (St. Vaast Notebook I)

Here's a 25-second quickie I shot last month in St. Vaast, France, with D-Day buffs in mind, of a couple guys finishing up a restoration of a Higgins landing craft like those used in the Invasion of Normandy. Funding for the project was to end at the end of May, so I think they'll manage - just in time.
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Orozco’s Citroen and a Creative Commons Update

I've never been much of a car guy. I have one but the last time I put gas in the tank was in April. Of 2011. I didn't have my first set of wheels until I was 23, an enormous town car that I drove into the ground on the dirt back roads of southeast Ohio. I later drove a Yugo around those same Appalachian foothills for five years. That remains the only new car I ever bought. And this remains the only car I even remotely covet.