Portside Driving Warning Sign, Piran

Sign cautioning portside drivers in Piran Slovenia

You’ll find this sign along the portside road that winds its way into Piran, the small Slovenian Adriatic seaside town that lends its name to this site. I pulled it out of the archives for a request on Snapwire calling for unique street signs, “the less common the better”.

This one isn’t particularly common so it fits. And given the lack of any barriers along most of the seaside lane, and the occasional vehicle that finds itself on the wrong side of that edge, it’s a sign that’s necessary, too.

And for the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the 384th (!) straight, was snapped on 23 May 2012 in Piran, Slovenia. You can check out the rest of my Snapwire stock image portfolio here.

The Kamnik Alps, from Ljubljana

The Kamnik Alps, from Ljubljana (Pic du Jour)

I’m missing Ljubljana a little bit today, thus this little detour down a misty Memory Lane.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 348th straight (!), is this long exposure facing north towards the Kamnik Alps from the center of the Slovenian capital, taken exactly two years ago from the rooftop of an old apartment. If you’re curious, more from that same shoot are here.

The specs:
100 ISO





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Mulled wine vendors, along the Ljubljanica River, Ljubljana

Mulled wine vendors, Ljubljana (Pic du Jour)

Besides some very good friends, what I’ve missed most about Ljubljana this winter are what Slovenians call ‘Happy December,’ or Veseli December. It’s particularly pleasant in Ljubljana’s center where the streets come alive with dozens of Christmas market stands and food and beverage vendors. Like this crew selling mulled wine along the Ljubljanica River.

I think I’ll make some tonight. :)

If you’re looking for a second helping, here’s another glass.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 345th straight, was snapped on 14-Dec-2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Fishing net, Piran

Fishing Net, Piran (Pic du Jour)

I don’t post enough images from Piran, the seaside town on Slovenia’s tiny Adriatic coast that gives this blog its name, so here’s another.

It’s just a simple net resting at the edge of the small port after a long Sunday in the sea. According to the fisherman, the day’s catch was just ‘OK’. But he was smiling nonetheless.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 344th straight, was snapped in Piran, Slovenia, on 05-Oct-2014.

Predjama Castle 2

Slovenia’s Predjama Castle | Notebook and Image Gallery

This is Predjama Castle, a gothic dwelling built in the mouth of a cave located in the western Slovenian village that’s given it its name. First mentioned in 1274, it was featured in an episode of Ghost Hunters International and is also the place where an infamous knight was struck down by a cannonball while he sat on his toilet.

The son of the Imperial Governor of Trieste, Erazem (or Erasmus) Lueger was a knight and feared robber baron who owned the castle in the 15th century. He fell out of favor with the House of Habsburg after he killed a Marshall related to Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III. He fled to his castle where, according to legend, he was under siege for a year and a day. The castle was considered impregnable, so attackers tried to starve him out.

But Erazem survived thanks to a secret tunnel that connected his castle to a nearby valley where was able to collect supplies. A ‘Bat Cave’ of sorts, Erazem also used it to continue his robberies. An act of treachery finally did him in.

A servant was bribed to signal to attacking soldiers when the elusive knight needed to use to toilet, the one place in the castle that was not impregnable. On an afternoon when Erazem indulged in too many cherries and too much wine, the moment came to catch the knight with his pants down. Some believe he’s been haunting the grounds ever since.

Ruined during the siege, it was rebuilt in the opening years of the 16th century, only to be destroyed by an earthquake in 1511. In 1570 it was rebuilt and took on its present Renaissance look. It exchanged hands between Austrian nobility several times until the end of World War II when it was nationalized by the newly-emerged Yugoslav government and turned into a museum.

The village of Predjama sits nestled in a pleasant hilly landscape about 11km from the city of Postojna and nine from the UNESCO-listed Postojna cave. There is free shuttle bus service between the cave and castle for visitors who purchase a combined ticket. Open year round but with shorter hours in winter. Visiting hours and admission info is here.

I arrived too late in the day, so my visit was limited to the exterior and immediate grounds. I’ll go inside next time to see if I can sneak an obligatory selfie on the toilet.


Predjama Castle 3 Predjama Castle 4 Predjama Castle 5 Predjama Castle 6 Predjama Castle map


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The lead photo serves admirably as today’s Pic du Jour, the 339th straight.



First time here?

Then I suggest you visit this page to acquaint yourself with a sampling of some of the things hiding among this site’s 1,800+ posts. What you find may surprise you.

Yue Minjin ripoff Smile


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Commuter train between Bled and Jesenice, Slovenia

Shots from a Moving Train, Slovenia

Yes, I ignored the warning sign that asks passengers to not stick their arms or heads out the window of a moving train.

This was a quick shot during a slow train ride through the rain between the Bled and Jesenice in northwestern Slovenia. I’m not a big fan of GoPro shots but like the exaggerated wide angle effect here.

For those traveling to and/or from Slovenia by rail, note that the 2015 timetable goes into affect today.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 335th straight, was snapped near Bled, Slovenia, on 24-Sep-2012.

Slovenia's Cerknica lake in autumn

Autumn Reflections on Cerknica Lake

I haven’t posted an image of Slovenia’s Cerknica Lake, Europe’s largest intermittent lake, in over a year, so it’s time for a quick revisit. I like how the the reflections create several angles of color, a nice fit for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme, angular.

A little more about the lake, from a previous post:

When full, it’s also the largest lake in Slovenia, reaching up to 38 square kilometers (15sq mi). Even when it’s not, it’s still a gorgeous place to visit, even on a day as cloudy and misty as last Thursday.

It’s located near the town of Cerknica in southwestern Slovenia, about 50 kilometers south of Ljubljana, making it an easy place to reach. A little more info on Wiki here and on this Slovenian karst region site here.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 312th straight, was snapped on 24-Oct-2013. A couple more shots from the same day are here.

Fall in Love, not in Line - graffiti in Ljubljana, November 2011

Fall in Love, Not in Line and 1300 Other Short Stories From the Ljubljana Fog

Today’s Pic du Jour was taken on Ljubljana’s Resljeva Street three years ago today, a perfect opportunity to recycle the photo and the video below in which it had a starring role. It’s one of about 1300 shots I took during strolls through the Slovenian capital’s fog that week in an attempt to occupy my mind with something other than cigarettes.

I’m happy to report that I did manage to quit, and that I really liked how this mostly stop motion/ photo motion project, composed of the vast majority of those 1300+ shots and edited in a few hours, turned out. A breath of fresh air. Please enjoy. Would love to hear your thoughts.

For the Ljubljana-curious: most shots were taken in and around the city’s central Tivoli Park in mid-November 2011. And no, this graffiti no longer exists. At least not at this construction site.

| m u s i c |
Tarmac by et_
CC/ Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License


And for the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the 309th straight (!), was snapped on 18-Nov-2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.



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Metelkova monster

The Metelkova City Monsters

No, that’s not a band. They’re hanging sculptures in Ljubljana’s Metelkova City cultural center that resemble fairly closely what I look like after answering a few too many election season robocalls. They’re also the most Halloween-y critters I could come up at the moment. I got the impression that the one above is the head of the clan.

This extended family takes pride of place in the sprawling Metelkova complex, a former Yugoslav army barracks near the Slovenian capital’s center which for the past two decades has been home to several studios, galleries, live music venues and the Celica hostel. A self-proclaimed ‘autonomous cultural center’, Metelkova sits at the fringe of Ljubljana’s newish museum quarter next to The Museum of Contemporary Art which opened in 2011.

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