Peacocks at the State Attorney’s Office – Pic du Jour (and Daily Gallery)

Peacocks at the State Attorney's Office, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21-Apr-2014

Peacocks at the State Attorney’s Office, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21-Apr-2014

I spotted these two peacocks on the stoop at Slovenia’s State Attorney’s Office this afternoon. Zoo escape? Easter Monday tradition? To get your fill, four more images below.

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After 122 Months, a Return to Film

This wall is near the Cobbler’s Bridge in Ljubljana’s old town center, the first picture I shot on film in ten years and two months. I intend to make many more.

This journey ‘back’ began innocently last fall when on a whim at a flea market I dropped €22 on a Zenit EM and a roll of Ilford 50 ASA black and white film that was two years beyond its expiration date. My edition of the Soviet workhorse SLR was released in 1979 for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, but the brand dates back to 1952.

Soviet workhorse

Soviet workhorse. Heavier than a Macbook Pro.

It came with a Helios-44, a fixed 58mm lens with a f/2 – f/16 aperture range. Combined, the camera and lens weigh about as much as my MacBook Pro. And is much louder, too. I like the smell of the leather case.

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In Slovenia, Protest Over Proposed Higher Education Reform Law – A Dozen Photos


An estimated 2,000 people gathered in Kongresni Trg square in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana on Wednesday to protest a proposed sweeping higher education reform law. The law, known as ZViS, would introduce tuition fees for the first time, essentially ending free universal higher education. Here are a dozen photos.


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Flash Gallery: 34 Pics From the 2014 Collecta Fair in Ljubljana

collecta 3

Here’s another Flash Gallery, this time from today’s opening day of the 2014 Collecta Collectors Fair in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Seriously – what Kiss fan wouldn’t want this limited edition Pez dispenser quartet?

The fair, this year celebrating its eight edition, features all the usual suspects in the world of collecting and collectibles: coins, stamps (my weakness), post cards, postal history, books, military memorabilia and LPs. Like this one I found in a ex-YU punk bin by Electric Orgasm. The guy on the left looks like he just had one.

collecta 4

Rounding out today’s Pics du Jour is this one illustrating banknotes from the late Yugoslav Federation years, money ruined by hyperinflation, criminality and war.  Trying to count all those zeros almost ruined my eyes. From top: 50 billion dinars, 5 billion dinars, and highest denomination ever printed in the former Yugoslavia, 500 billion dinars. It was worthless two weeks after it left the printing press.

collecta 2

All 34 photos are in the my Google + album linked to below. I’ll be returning, either tomorrow or Saturday to spend some time with a few stamp dealers. Want me to pick anything up for you? Some Pez dispensers perhaps? Let me know and enjoy the pics!


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Ljubljana central market

Ljubljana’s Central Market

Today’s Pic du Jour is this snap taken late yesterday morning of Ljubljana’s central market where I proudly reign and rule as Mayor. On Foursquare, anyway. When I’m in town, I visit six days a week and keep a regularly-updated market-related photo album on Google+ here.

I’m not at all a fan of filters on mobile phone cameras but will admit that I like how this treatment works with this shot. Thoughts?


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