European Parliament Election Campaigning in Ljubljana

Member of the United European Left party campaigning in Ljubljana

This was taken early this evening in Ljubljana’s central Preseren Square, the last day of campaigning for Sunday’s European Parliament election. In Slovenia the election silence period, a ban on any campaigning or reporting of campaign-related news, begins at midnight on the preceding day, which means that I just came in under deadline with this post.

A low turnout is expected, perhaps even lower than the 28.36% that showed up at the polls at the last EU election in 2009. The conservative New Slovenia (NSi) Party and Democratic Party (SDS) are expected to collect the most votes.

If you’re curious to see what campaigning is like in Slovenia, check out my 14-image gallery for Demotix.


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Coverage of ‘May 2014 Declaration’ Rally in Ljubljana, Conservative Gathering Denouncing Country’s ‘Unfinished’ Transition to Democracy

A demonstrator shows his support for former Prime Minister Janez Janša at a rally in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

An estimated 3,000 people gathered in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana on Sunday in support of the so-called May Declaration 2014, a document that brings attention to what supporters denounce as the country’s ‘unfinished’ transition to democracy. I covered the event and filed a dozen photos for the Demotix news service which you can view here.

Since the Demotix gallery didn’t include a report and very little coverage is available in English, a bit of background:

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Cart skater, Novi Trg Square, Ljubljana

1 Day 1 World Project: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2:31 pm Sunday, 18-May

Each Sunday Ljubljana hosts a flea market along the Ljubljanica River on the southern fringes of old town. I was hoping to catch the tail end and check out the old camera offerings but arrived too late. Instead I found all the vendors shutting down and packing up, this gentleman included. I caught him here having a little fun between delivery runs from his stand to his car. This was just before he did a mid-air 180-degree turn. Quite impressive.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 126th (!) straight, is also my first contribution for the 1 Day 1 World Project, the brainchild of Lisa who blogs at Northwest Frame of Mind. She describes the project like so:

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Poljanska Street, Ljubljana

Ljubljana Street Crawl Daily: The Finale

The Street Crawl Daily, a ten-day mobile phone speed-shooting project on the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia, concludes with this dandy dozen, nearly half of which were shot from a moving bike, like the one above.

Never mind that I temporarily turned into (nearly) everything I hate most about mobile phone addicts. I had to test the focus speed of my Galaxy 3 which for the most part it failed miserably. My apologies to the few of you I almost hit. I won’t be doing it again any time soon. Promise.

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Biting dog, near Koseze Pond Ljubljana

Ljubljana Street Crawl Project – Day 9

Koseze Pond, LjubljanaThis is Koseze pond near the western edge of Ljubljana, my favorite shot from the penultimate day of the Street Crawl Daily project [intro here]. It’s among my favorite parts of the city near where town meets country on one side and its sprawling Tivoli-Rožnik Hill–Šiška Hill Regional Park on the other.

Today’s daily dozen is different from the project’s previous albums, focusing mostly on Rožnik park and recreation. Several were taken along the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, a 33km long recreational loop trail around Ljubljana which marks where a barbed wire fence, erected by occupying Fascist Italian forces, stood for 1,170 days during World War II.

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Flower vendor, Copova Street, Ljubljana

Street Crawl Daily – Midway Point

Flower vendor, Čopova Street, Ljubljana

Flower vendor, Čopova Street, Ljubljana

The Street Crawl Daily reached its midpoint today; the mix of rain and ominous afternoon clouds coupled with streets largely emptied due to the upcoming holidays, made it a good day for shooting. (And plenty of catch up editing this morning.) My personal pick of the pack is the shot above of a flower vendor on the central Čopova Street forced by a brief downpour to take a break.

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Zgornji Dol, Slovenia

Gornji Dol, Slovenia – Pic du Jour

Zgornji Dol, Slovenia

Today’s Pic du Jour was actually taken today, between rain showers on a hilltop meadow near the village of Gornji Dol in the foothills of Slovenia’s Kamnik Alps.

This spot is just a few minutes hike from where the google maps car stopped on this forest service road here. Several peaks between 1400m and 1700m dot the area but rain kept us away today. No worries – I won’t mind returning.


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