Non Violence – Pic du Jour

This is Non Violence (1997) by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd at the Olympic Park in Lausanne, Switzerland. It’s the first sculpture that popped into mind for monument, the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. This one was taken during a visit to Lausanne in July 2010; I also have a …

Non Violence, 1997, by Carl Fredrik Reutersward, Olympic Museum Park, Lausanne, 31-Aug-2008


More sad but tragically uncommon news from the U.S. yesterday; this time 20 elementary school children were among the murdered. Most stunning to me is that I’m not more stunned. This is Non Violence, a 1997 sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reutersward at the Olympic Museum Park in Lausanne. I first …

Zurich 050

A Thousand Fires in Your Belly

  When you come right down to it, all you have is yourself. Yourself is a sun with a thousand fires in your belly. The rest is nothing. I first came across that Picasso quote last August in a relatively quiet bridge underpass in Zurich. It was late morning but …

Gates of Hell, Zurich

Quickie at The Gates of Hell

When a google doodle reminded me this morning that Rodin would have been 172 today, I finally found a use for this rainy day snippet of a bronze of The Gates of Hell that rests in front of the Kunsthaus Zurich. Aren’t you glad? I am – another 30 MB …

Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, 31-Aug-2012

Shooting in the rain – A Zurich Dandy Dozen and a bit of Dada

The dandiest of the several dozen that I shot on a rainy day in August anyway. Above and again below is the Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich’s landmark turn-of-the-last century art house where Dadaism was born during the waning days of World War I. The door was propped open and I walked …


Pussy Riot Calypso

Was very nice to see this simple act of Pussy Riot solidarity in a window display in a Zurich shop. In case you missed it, Spiegel had a good interview with jailed Pussy Riot leader Nadezhda Tolokonnikova about a week ago. SPIEGEL: You have a four-year-old daughter, and you must …


Human Charger

Does it work for you? It kinda did for me. But it was raining so some of the yellow paint got on my hands. Zurich, 31-Aug-2012


Summer: Festivals and Tomatoes

Ailsa of Where’s my Backpack invited me to join a photo challenge on the theme of Summer, as in, What Does Summer Mean to You. Thanks so much for the invite – happy to oblige. Since moving to Europe eight years ago, and for a couple more before that, summer …


August pic(k)s

You may have grown tired of seeing this last month, but I never tired of going there every day for two weeks. This is the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, one of my personal faves shot in August 08. A busy month; besides Beijing, August included annual stops to Lausanne and …