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Vase, Huari Transitional Period, AD 800-1300, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, Cusco, Peru

Cubism, pre-Columbian Style

This depiction of a wild-eyed, snickering warrior caught my eye the other day at the Museo de Arte Precolombino, or Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, in Cusco. At least 600 years before Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso came this small vase created...


How Fire was Discovered

Here’s one theory. This is an 18-second look at Matter into Light: The Discovery of Fire, a 2011 installation by Marc Quinn at the Musée Océanographique de Monaco through October 15. It’s part of a larger exhibit of Quinn’s...

MACBA – Barcelona, in Brief

I hosted Maria and Victor, a couch-surfing couple from Barcelona last weekend, and while we were enjoying an afternoon in Ljubljana’s Museum of Contemporary Art, I decided that I hadn’t really done justice here to MACBA, the Museu...