From 'The Cube', a sound installation by Jun-Seub Sim

120 Seconds in Sim Jun-Seub’s Cube

From ‘The Cube’, a sound installation by Jun-Seub Sim

Here’s your two minutes of Zen for today which reminded me of the 1980s band The Art of Noise. Not their music so much, but just the name. That’s all.

This is from The Cube, a sound installation by Jun-Seub Sim which I experienced at the Bongsan Cultural Center in Daegu, South Korea in August of 2011. In the midst of a very busy stretch of work, I found it quite soothing. I forgot that I clandestinely shot this clip until I came across it earlier today sitting somewhat sad and neglected in the depths of my video notebook archive on Vimeo. Perhaps it will better serve here.

I found a little bit more on Jun-Sueb and this particular process on the website for the Seoul art space, The Brain Factory, here. And a little more from my visit to Daegu is here.

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Daegu Notebook

I never got around to posting these few video bits pieced together over my two weeks spent in Daegu last summer. The initial plan was to write up a mildly sardonic but woefully accurate outline of what two busy work weeks are like on the road – mainly for the benefit of those who think my various trips are nothing more than a vacation. But I never got around to it.

I also never got around to writing about the antique shop on Bong San Art/Culture Street whose owner tried to lure me into a back room where a bored scantily-clad woman wearing a Korean War era army helmet was lying in wait, sprawled across a plain drab mattress on a dirty floor. It was a nice and interesting shop and I’d rather not out the guy for fear of having his place shut down. So you’ll just have to find it yourself.

The vast majority of these were shot over the course of two afternoons I had off to wander around this city of 2.5 million, South Korea’s fourth largest. It was a clean, sleek and modern city, but I also got the impression that it’s one still trying to define its place within a sleek and modern country.

The first is a longer vidblog with a great soundtrack, Bahar Patlatan, by Hayvanlar Alemi.

The second is a much shorter experimental piece with some footage shot on the Daegu metro.

And finally, if you’re looking for a late afternoon rehearsal version of Funiculì, Funiculà by the Daegu City Symphony Orchestra, look no further. I just made your day.

You can check out some of my photos from Daegu (all CC licensed) on my flickr stream here.


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