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Leaving Cali

The Police Always Pick Me....

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On the Necessity to Author an Eighteen-Volume History of Exploration and Travel After Nearly Going Broke

On one of the largest works of history you've probably never heard of....

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Air TravelPic du JourTravel

Plane De-icing, Up Close

I shot this from my window seat yesterday afternoon at a de-icing station at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. I felt like we were already in the...

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Crossing Borders from Ljubljana – Slovenia Rail Deals for January 2014

Belgrade from €25, Zurich, Munich and Vienna from €29....

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Five Ways to Find Authenticity on the Road

Suggestion #1: Dump your expectations and stereotypes in the non-recyclables bin before passing through security, and don't look back....

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Bus Rides, Street Assaults and Heavy Metal Murals – Piran Café’s Top 10 Posts of 2013

This is a shot of Cerro Rico, a mountain that towers over Potosi, Bolivia, that I snapped just before I was punched in the crotch by a...

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Hotels, Rooms, Hostels & Beds – The Best of 2013

Looking back on a year's accommodations, with a rockin' soundtrack...

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Isla del Sol: In Color, or Black and White?

A 90-second video notebook from Isla de Sol on Lake Titicaca, the island were the Inca believed the sun was created and their dynasty born....

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Food & DrinkLJ Pic of the DayLjubljanaPhotographyTravel

The Best Food Stall in Ljubljana’s Central Market? – LJ Pic of the Day

It’s a generally accepted rule of travel: when you’re on the road and looking for a place to get something eat, look for where...

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Light and Airy Long-Term Travel Souvenir Idea No. 001

Just a handful of corks collected over the past eight months on the road. I wish I had saved more of them. Easy to pack and they...

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Round the WorldRTWTravelUSA

Going Trans-America, Almost

Portland, Ore., USA – I’ve taken quite a few long bus rides over the past several months: Bariloche to Mendoza, Argentina, 19...

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EcuadorPhotographyPic du JourTravel

Ripples (Pic du Jour)

For her travel theme this week, Ailsa asked for ripples. So here are some ripples of water and light that I hope will conspire to make...

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ColombiaRound the WorldRTWTravel

Medellin, Cartagena and a Bout of Travel Fatigue – RTW Week #20

Cartagena, Colombia –The Hotel Stil is an eleven-story relic of the late nineteen-sixties or seventies that isn’t good at wearing its...

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PeruPhotographyPic du JourTravel

That Fleeting Moment..

.. when it’s you against the world. And you’re winning. Fleeting is the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge,...

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ColombiaEcuadorPhotographyPic du JourRound the WorldRTWTravel

Hummingbird Farms, Grass Pyramids and Botero Plaza – RTW Week #19

Medellin, Colombia – This past week, the 19th into my RTW trip, began in the Zen surroundings of a hummingbird and butterfly farm in the...

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EcuadorPhotographyPic du JourRound the WorldRTWTravel

Bootleg Barbies, an Inauguration, a March Against Monsanto and the Coolest Floor in the World – RTW Week #18

Quito, Ecuador – If there’s been one constant on my extended jaunt around the world, it’s been this: I’m finding myself easily...

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ArgentinaBoliviaChileEcuadorPeruPhotographyPic du JourRTWTravel

‘Around the World’, at 120 Days

Today, 21 May 2013, marks 120 days since I began this Around The World Trip, exactly four months to the day, and the first day of the 18th...

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Bohemian Rhapsody, the Chill Out Lima Version

Here is a 3min 26sec tour, plain and unadorned, of the northern outskirts of Lima, Peru, in late afternoon, accompanied and inspired by the...

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