Simple. One photo published each day of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. That’s it.

I’ve been here for nearly seven eight nine years now and discover something new every day. More and more visitors are coming and leave very pleasantly surprised. So, why not share?

I began this venture on 20-Jan-2007, and the daily momentum lasted for eight days. With long breaks that radically redefined the word daily, the project has sputtered on since. My record? It currently stands at 38 days in a row back in the fall of 2008 45 days in a row in the spring of 2012. Should you feel inclined to browse, all are cleverly tagged LJ Pic of the Day.

There are hundreds of sites where locals publish a daily pic from their little corner of the planet. Among my favorites is ParisDailyPhoto which has been going strong since March 2005. An international portal, City Daily Photo, has been set up; searchable, and updated in real time.

And finally, some basic Ljubljana info:  [] [VisitLjubljana] []

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    • Of course! But the LJ Pic of the Day is on a temporary hiatus. Will resume shortly.

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