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Postcard from Boulogne Billancourt

I is for Ivy on a rainy, chilly and tired day in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris....

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Horse Burger – LJ Pic of the Day

Apparently seeing horse on menus in Ljubljana tends to mess with some people's sensibilities. ...

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G is for Good ‘ole Fashioned Live Blogging (or, last minute research into France’s Cotentin Peninsula)

I’ll be spending about four days on the Contentin Peninsula in Normandy next week. Besides booking a room in Cherbourg, I’ve done no...

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The Donetsk Dandy Dozen – 12 Pics from Ukraine’s 5th Largest City

I haven't seen Donetsk, the fifth largest city in Ukraine, on too many ''must-see' lists. It also wasn't on my list of places where I...

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