At La Recoleta Cemetery, Part II

I posted a photo from La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires once before –and am working on a longer post culled from my manuscript research– but want to post this one now, fitting as it is for eerie, the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. Cemeteries are a joy during and after a rain, no?

This doesn’t strike me as much eerie as it does ghostly, with the raindrop falling like a tear from the young woman’s cold, hard eye. For a few moments, I was expecting to hear a faint wail. That would have been eerie. :)

Photo snapped on 23-Jan-2013


..is the topic for this week’s WordPress photo theme. Today was a day off so my theme was rest and relaxation.The lone exception was a two-hour bike ride in late afternoon when I pondered Vagabonding, a book I reread today, and when I crossed paths with these dudes at Ljubljana’s ‪Ž‬ale cemetery. Check out the guy below. Have you ever seen an angel with a broken thumb?