A time lapse experiment (LJ Pics of the Day)

There was no LJ Pic of the Day yesterday because I was too busy with 2500+ LJ Pics of the day. Hopefully this will make up for the lapse.

With Eric Solheim’s One Year in 2 minutes as inspiration, I decided to conduct a time lapse experiment of my own yesterday, which resulted in my very first video production! Yee haa, look out world!

Unlike Solheim’s project, in which he programmed his camera to take a shot from his living room window every half hour for 365 days, mine was a bit more spontaneous. I just simply got up from my desk and snapped several frames when I had the time, beginning at 11:18 a.m. and ending at just after 7:30 p.m. I took each of those 2,601 images, dumped them unedited into a free program Solheim suggested, MPEG StreamClip, and finished it off in iMovie.

The result is as banal as you’d expect an all-day view through a window to be. Not so much a time lapse as a record of lapses in time.

The song, The Goya Discovery, is by Canadian composer and musician Derek R. Audette. You can also check it out on Youtube.

Underwater recordings of seal calls

I watched Werner Herzog’s Encounters at the End of the World last night and was just blown away by these seal calls recorded beneath the Antarctic ice.  Someone posted the bit on Youtube (the calls begin about 40 secs in):

It’s an interesting film, examining among other things, the quirky kinda folks who wind up at the end of the world.

Antarctica is at the top of my list of Places I’d Love To Go But Probably Never Will. Depending on where you begin, where you go, what you do and the duration, travel packages range from $6000 to $40,000.

Scenes from a zombie sushi bar

Zombies invade a mini-mall, and one sushi-maker starts serving up nigiri made with severed fingers, in this scene from the Peter Jackson/George Romero-influenced BioZombie. Our non-zombie heroine must sample this delicacy, or be found out.

io9 has a cool clip is here.

Day of Light

Not a day passes that I don’t think back to at least one specific moment (usually it’s many) from one of several visits I made to Nicaragua, going back to 1990.  I was hoping to return this year, but it’s looking highly unlikely.

Here’s a short film, Day of Light (Dia de Luz) which

chronicles an epic celebration of life in La Chureca, the trash dump community of Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua, captured by six filmmakers in March 2008 over the course of one day… from sunrise to sunset.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2362626&w=425&h=350&fv=clip_id%3D1938546%26server%3Dvimeo.com%26autoplay%3D0%26fullscreen%3D1%26md5%3D0%26show_portrait%3D0%26show_title%3D0%26show_byline%3D0%26context%3Duser%3A828711%26context_id%3D%26force_embed%3D0%26multimoog%3D%26color%3D00ADEF%26force_info%3Dundefined]

more about “Day of Light“, posted with vodpod

Halloween in Ljubljana: Horror Marathon at Kinodvor

31 October is a holiday here, but Dan Reformacije, or, Reformation Day, has nothing to do with Halloween. (Does it?)

But All Hallow’s Eve has nonetheless been catching on here over the past several years. I was caught off guard last year when a couple of kids, dressed as a witch and a bear, pounded on the door of my old apartment demanding candy. All I had on hand was a box of over-priced Belgian truffles, so gave them each a 2 euro coin instead. They left puzzled, but pleased.  I’m prepared this year, with a big pot of candy next to the door. But there aren’t too many kids in my new building, so the first few who might come by are going to score BIG.

Most of my childhood Halloween memories aren’t pleasant. When I was in the fourth grade, I was robbed for the second time in my life (the first is mentioned here). Some junior high or high school kid, dressed as football player, cornered me against a building demanding my candy. After I called him a dick, he knocked me to the ground and grabbed my bag. I haven’t liked football since.

After moving to the burbs, for a few years running a few friends and I did some awful things of our own. For whatever reason, during those two tumultuous pre-teen years we were led to believe that Halloween was all about throwing eggs at houses and cars. And blowing off firecrackers in mailboxes. Karma still hasn’t finished having its way with me yet.

Ljubljana’s Kinodvor film house is celebrating tonight with a 12 hour horror marathon, beginning at 7 pm with Mirrors (Kiefer Sutherland) and ending with a 5 am screening of Black Christmas. The full schedule is here.  All in all, a terrific line-up.

Or, if you’re on the US east coast, there’s always the Village Parade.

LJ Pic of the Day (City of Women)

The sign reads Lesbian Square, part of week-long street actions coinciding with this year’s City of Women festival. The actions are organized by The Insurrection of Lesbos, a group founded a year ago after a lesbian couple was thrown out of Ljubljana’s Orto Bar.

The festival concludes today with a wide-ranging offering:

– Karmen Ratković, co-founded the the Zagreb Centre for Women’s Studies and a member of the Zagreb Peace Studies Centre, will address the The Messages of Ecofeminism(s) at the Škuc Gallery at 5 pm;

Hard to Die, a film chronicling women who have escaped honor killing by Istanbul-based new media artist Selda Asal, and Ashura, a documentary about the evolution of the Shia Islamic ceremony of the same name by Beirut-based Kinda Hassan, will be screened at 7 pm at the Alkatraz Gallery at Metelkova City (both through 30-Oct);

– At 9 p.m. Slovenian dancer Tina Valentan, who divides her time between Maribor and Amsterdam, will premiere When the Moon is Increasing at the Ljubljana Dance Theatre (a second performance is also on tap on Saturday);

– and at 11 pm, a performance by Czech experimental dance-electronic trio My Name is Ann at Metelkova City. Below is their video for Nivel Diez. [MNIA’s Myspace page]

Ljubljana 090, originally uploaded by pirano.

LJ Pic of the Day – Kinodvor Reopens

Ljubljana’s Kinodvor, the Slovenian capital’s only art house cinema, reopened its doors this past Wednesday (01-Oct).

A shortage of funds and a lack of visitors forced its shutdown in April. The City found the money to breathe life back into it and will now be running it.

It includes a gallery space, a film-dedicated book store (open daily 08:00-21:00, Sat/Sun 10:00-21:00), and a cafe (08:00-24:00 Mon-Thu, Fri 08:00-02:00, Sat 10:00-02:00,and Sun 10:00-24:00).

Easy to get to: It’s located on Kolodvorska Cesta, directly across the street from the main train station where you can park if you must drive. Of course, bike racks are available.

The Website is in Slovene only; click spored for the schedule.

Ljubljana 077, originally uploaded by pirano.