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EcuadorFilmPic du Jour

To Citizen Four, a Modest Tribute

QUITO — I found this on a wall in central Quito yesterday, a fitting tribute for Citizen Four, which just won the Oscar for Best...

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ArgentinaArtUrban Canvases

Urban Canvases – 39 Street Art Pics from Bariloche, Argentina

Spray paint and brushes gone wild in northern Patagonia...

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ArtChilePhotographyUrban Canvases

Urban Canvases – 15 Street Art Snaps from Santiago, Chile

From elaborate gallery quality murals to the polemical scribblings by spray can-armed voices of desperate illumination, a new weekly series...

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LJ Pic of the DayLjubljanaPhotographySlovenia

Who’s Going to Steal the Next Revolution? – LJ Pic of the Day

That’s a direct translation so not only is this is the sixth straight daily pic from the Slovenian capital but for non-speakers, your...

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ArgentinaArtPhotographyPic du Jour

Finding Love in San Telmo (Pic du Jour)

This snap of some graffiti and murals in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires was the most appropriate visual I could come up with on...

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ArgentinaPhotographyPic du Jour

Just a Bus – Pic du Jour

This was the first picture I snapped in Buenos Aires, which is reason enough to post it, no? Near the Angel Gallardo subte station, Buenos...

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LjubljanaPhotographyPic du JourSlovenia

Resourcefulness – Pic du Jour

The best artists are both resourceful and honest....

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LjubljanaPhotographyPic du JourProtests & DemonstrationsSlovenia

Taking Off Into the Future

I spotted this yesterday afternoon and liked the juxtaposition. At top, a billboard for Adria Airlines, Slovenia’s national carrier,...

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PhotographyPic du JourSlovenia


Sometimes I don’t see clearly because my eyes are wide shut. (But not very often.) Related articles Bookanista Recommendation: FLAWED...

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PhotographyPic du JourSlovenia

Love (is still) Coming Soon – Pic du Jour

I first mentioned this graffiti nearly three years ago, and I’m delighted to report that it’s still there on a wall next to the...

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Roadside Attractions – Urban Art Meeting, Litija, Slovenia

I rode by these pieces last week during a bike ride past Litija, about 40 kilometers east of Ljubljana, and stopped to take a closer look...

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Human Charger

Does it work for you? It kinda did for me. But it was raining so some of the yellow paint got on my hands. Zurich, 31-Aug-2012...

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Clipped Wings and Anti-Fascists – Twelve Pics From my First (!) 100km Bike Ride

I biked over 100 kilometers yesterday for the first time. That may not be a big deal for some people, but for a recovering former chain...

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Enjoy the Rules – Graffiti Gallery for May 2012

I decided some time ago that much of the graffiti and street art being splattered onto Ljubljana’s walls is nothing more than...

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Riot Center

Sometimes you just gotta love kids who climb railroad bridges with cans of spray paint. This pic even inspired a very short video which you...

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My First Miss.Tic!

No, of course I'm not admitting to my first mistake. When I do finally make one however, you'll be the first to know. Promise. I've read...

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AsiaPhotographySouth Korea


I got an idea. It may not be a great one, but it isn’t bad. Daegu 01, originally uploaded by pirano....

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Michael Jackson meets Christopher Reeve?

An odd morph that oddly works. At Sarajevo’s Olympic Stadium, 28-Jun-2011. Sarajevo 091, originally uploaded by pirano.  ...

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Holy Saturday in Ljubljana’s central square – a 60sec video

Earlier last week I noticed some scribbling on the front of Ljubljana’s 17th C. Franciscan Church: Katolicizem je Klerofašizem, or...

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A pair of SLO trains

From Slovenia, that is, but they are fairly slow, too. I recently made the leap into the world of video and shot these for Vimeo’s 1...

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