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Spice Aisle, Otavalo Street Market

It’s not really an aisle, more like a section at the end of two rows of stalls and makeshift stands which themselves are at the end of what I’ve been referring to as the food court at the renowned market in Otavalo, Ecuador. It’s reputed to be the largest indigenous market in South America, but […]

A Dog at the Market

You can now cross Boiled Dog in a Nanning Market off your list of things to see before you die. I’ve posted this pic a couple times before but it’s the first one to come to mind when Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack asked visitors to share some market pics in her latest challenge. More […]

30 Minutes in Istanbul’s Spice Market

The Love Tea immediately caught my eye. Can’t hurt, right? Unfortunately the 250g I bought was left in a bag in my hotel room. And so it goes. I can only hope the next occupant made use of it as it was meant to be used. This, and the pics below, were taken last week […]

Twenty Minutes in a Pair of Nanning Markets

These are a few shots from quick stops at two street markets in Nanning last Thursday. Our tour guides/chaperones/handlers, assigned to us by the foreign ministry’s provincial office, didn’t want to stop here, but we were fairly insistent, so they gave in. The pic at the top shows a freshly-boiled dog. So is the one […]