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U.S. Election reception, Ljubljana

A few shots from a U.S. Election reception hosted by the U.S. Embassy at the Hotel Union in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on Tuesday night. Above a life-size Obama cut-out. Foreshadowing? The expression on the McCain cut-out. Yousif B. Ghafari, U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia. Katarina Kresal, president of Slovenia’s LDS party. The last picture of Sarah Palin
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Before Expatriating, Some Considerations

We’ve all heard someone say it: “If that fascist/socialist/weasel/liar/idiot/etc wins, I’m gettin’ the hell out of the country.” Here’s a quick, short and entirely un-researched checklist for the 0.2 % of those who may actually consider following their convictions when the results are in on Wednesday morning. Politics If the outcome of an election is
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Video: Vote Flipping on Machine in West Virginia

As mentioned one week ago, several early voters in areas of West Virginia reported that their touch screen voting machines were flipping votes. Here’s a video showing how an uncalibrated machine, like the one used in W VA, is sending votes in all directions. I’m not predicting doom and gloom, but there is obviously the
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Didn’t I See This Voting Machine in a Cartoon?

Or was it in a film? From the Charleston, West Virginia Gazette on Oct. 18: Three Putnam County voters say electronic voting machines changed their votes from Democrats to Republicans when they cast early ballots last week. Shelba Ketchum, a 69-year-old nurse retired from Thomas Memorial Hospital, described what happened Friday at the Putnam County
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