Empty Prayer, Empty Mouths

No, this has nothing to do with McCain-Palin.

Here’s a silver anniversary memento I’m looking forward to: a remastered two-CD 25th anniversary edition of REM’s Murmur, their first full-length release, to be released just in time for the worst shopping season of a generation (or two).

Murmur was actually released in April of 1983, but this year’s November 25 release makes more sense as far I’m concerned since it wasn’t until the fall of ’83 that I finally listened to the album start to finish. Over and over on my roommate’s headphones in my freshman year dorm room in Athens (Ohio, not Georgia). My brief experimentation with the campus Young Republican Club was already resigned to the dustbin; other more appealing experiments awaited.  And REM has been along for the ride ever since.

The second CD is a live recording from July 9, 1983, at Larry’s Hideaway in Toronto. [Set list here.]

Coincidence being what it is, here’s a live video of Talk About the Passion supposedly taped on November 25, 1983, at the EXO 7 Club in Rouen, France, birthplace of the fictitious Opera Ghost of Phantom of the Opera fame. [The evening’s set list via REM Chronicle.]

It was their first time out of North America, their first European stint, and just the seventh gig into the tour. So this was early on, and the growing pains are clearly visible here. Patience, please. The song finally begins about 1:45 in. And it’s a decent recording.

via The Regular Guy