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Hotels, Rooms, Hostels & Beds – The Best of 2013

Looking back on a year's accommodations, with a rockin' soundtrack...

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Isla del Sol: In Color, or Black and White?

A 90-second video notebook from Isla de Sol on Lake Titicaca, the island were the Inca believed the sun was created and their dynasty born....

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240 Seconds in the Valley of the Moon

Your mental health break for the day in the form of a four minute collection of shots and panoramas from the Valle de la Luna, or Valley of...

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Trekker FX Monopod Field Test, or 30 Seconds at the ‪Poás‬ Volcano

As the title suggests, here’s a very short piece of video from a visit this past June to the ‪Poás‬ Volcano, located in its...

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EcuadorProtests & DemonstrationsVideo

March Against Monsanto – Quito: Vidblog

Quito, Ecuador – As promised, below is about four minutes of video footage from yesterday’s March Against Monsanto...

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26 Seconds at Guayaquil’s Malecon Gardens Fish Pond

The amount of plastic I continue to see –strewn about, blowing about and haphazardly piled about– as I make my way north...

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Forty Seconds With Bolivian Traffic-Directing Zebras

Your 42-second mental health break for the day.. I have no explanation for this. I shot this in Sucre, but I also saw them busy at work in...

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Bohemian Rhapsody, the Chill Out Lima Version

Here is a 3min 26sec tour, plain and unadorned, of the northern outskirts of Lima, Peru, in late afternoon, accompanied and inspired by the...

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Your 84-Second Mental Health Break for the Day..

.. In two parts, brought to you by the James’s Flamingos of the Laguna Colorada at the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve...

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View from Pablo Neruda’s Bar at Isla Negra

Your 73-second mental health break for the day: the view towards the Pacific from the bar of Pablo Neruda’s home at Isla Negra,...

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One Hundred Seconds From Bariloche

That’s the title for my quick contribution for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge for 8-10 March, a video comprised only of one second...

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ChilePhotographyPic du JourVideo

Chaiten Volcano, Five Years Later, Revisited

I posted a few photos from Chaitén a couple days ago, a quick survey of some of the damage still visible in this southern Chilean town...

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Mungo, a Bookcase and Jack Ruby – RTW: 40 Days to go

Meet Mungo. I gave him that Mohawk on a balmy summer day in Athens, Ohio, in 1986. On this cold Ljubljana afternoon he went back into a...

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Tales of the Dancing Dragon, Book One

Or, how to make dusting bookshelves just a little less tedious....

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Vidblog #004.

Here’s a hodgepodge of pics shot in recent weeks during lots of quick strolls around town to keep my mind occupied with something...

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EuropeLJ Pic of the DayLjubljanaPhotographySlovenia


Another exercise in FAST editing; 30min deadline. Odds and ends collected during prep for Slovenia’s 20th Anniversary celebration in...

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ArtEuropeLJ Pic of the DayLjubljanaPhotography

A time lapse experiment (LJ Pics of the Day)

There was no LJ Pic of the Day yesterday because I was too busy with 2500+ LJ Pics of the day. Hopefully this will make up for the lapse....

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