Venice – La Joie de Vivre (almost)


joie-de-thumb.jpgQuick trip to Venice (2 1/2 hr drive from Ljubljana) the other day; the working plan was to check out Picasso: La Joie de Vivre at the Palazzo Grassi. Unfortunately the closest we were able to get to the exhibit was to take this picture of what I think is the coolest exhibit placard I’ve seen anywhere this year. It’s showing through 11-March, so another trip is in order. With some tickets reserved in advance.

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All was certainly not lost; the afternoon why_isnt_this_store_open.jpgwas beautiful, sunny and with an invigorating chill in the air. And in the company of two beautiful women, I was able to live out at least part of my latent James Bond fantasies. Both are artists, both are cunning, and both were armed and quite trigger happy throughout the afternoon. (I’d post links to their websites, but they still aren’t up and running yet.)

A few more pics:

The new moon just opposite the Palazzo Grassi; a guy hustling just around the corner from Piazza S. Marco, and a nifty sculpture in a gallery courtyard.

opposite-palazzo.jpg  mr_hand.jpg   face-small.jpg


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