triglavA quick trip to Bohinj today, just up the road from the better-known Bled, but minus the hotels, shops and tour buses. Sunny most of the day with an invigorating chill, but alas still no snow, not even here where Decembers past have already buried much of this alpine city and its charming lake.

 Finally met Jean, a U.S. expat who’s been living in Slovenia, on and off, since the mid 1980s, who also on occasion blogs about her dogs, politics, and most recently, about a Chinese poet who wrote about wine 1200 years ago.

Nestled in Slovenia’s nortwest, Bohinj is one of the gateways for the Julian Alps, attracting plenty of climbers, hikers and walkers throughout the year. Here are a few pics: at top, Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak, as seen from Jean’s hotel; and below, a view of Lake Bohinj from the far end, and a view of its eastern shore.

Lake Bohinj    Lake Bohinj

Getting there:

From Ljubljana, regular, if somewhat pedestrian train service, with a necessary switch in Jesenice, to Bohinjska Bistrica, about 2 hrs, six euros one-way.

Official visitors website.

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