Postcard from New Orleans

kelly1.jpgI meant to post this nearly two weeks ago, but well, I didn’t.

My friend Kelly sent me some pics from a recent trip to New Orleans where she helped with the ongoing Katrina recovery efforts. There are plenty more on her flickr page.

During a three+ month trip through Europe last year, she spent a few late spring days here in Ljubljana with her friend CJ, just long enough to fall head over heels in love with Slovenian wine. Yes, I was very encouraging and supportive with her addiction, and last I heard, she’s still scouring the NYC area for some bottles.

Some of you may know Kelly from her time as a contributor to Gadling, and her own blogs, Lost in Place and Eurailblog, and a score of other places. I particularly liked this post where she describes Piran as one of her favorite places on the planet. Who can blame her?

Photo from Kelly’s flickr Louisiana set

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