Auto Dialer vs Manual dialing- A Great Debate

What is auto dialer? Why you should care about it, and what are the benefits of using the software for sales and leads conversions?

Well, if you are in a call center business, you must know the answers to these questions as you may have encountered with scenarios like these.

So, basically, auto dialer is the most useful technology these days which can help make thousands of calls simultaneously and bypass busy signals and disconnected calls. Now it simply means that you will be able to make more sales, leads, and conversions in short time as compared to the tiresome and tedious process of manual dialing.

It offers a lot of amazing benefits and accelerates the performance of your call center.

Auto dialer and manual dialing- what’s a better choice?

Auto-dialing is an easy and basic thing to understand; there is a simple automatic calling unit which is capable to dial thousands of numbers automatically to deliver informative or promotional messages. This amazing technology can also alleviate the responsibility of the agent, otherwise, it would be bogged down by some unessential tasks that enable them to focus on what should be the best thing that leads them onto sales.

Manual dialing can usually take a lot of time and concentration, just one mistake in dialing the number, and you will lose the game!

With manual dialing, agents are required to spend a significant amount of time in checking out records & details and computer terminal screens. Then they spend more time in finding a person to be called, finding and dialing the phone number, and updating the records after making the call. But if the customer doesn’t answer, then the agent will need to remember and call that user later.

Agents also need to spend more time in finding a prospect and then convincing them about the product. This also has a negative impact on the customer transactions by revenue and number which contributes to an agent’s frustration.

An efficient form of outbound calling:

As compared to manual dialing, auto dialing is the most efficient form of outbound calling. It includes the incorporation of multiple phone lines and a dialing algorithm which usually incorporates an agent who would be available and also a call processor that is ready to pass it to the available agent.

Auto dialer increases the productivity of agent as they can spend more time communicating to people, rather than dialing thousands of numbers manually and then wait for the customer to attend the call. It bypasses busy signals or disconnected calls.

Depending on the sophistication of your auto dialer software, it dials thousands of calls simultaneously and then detects if a live person attends the call; and then connect the relevant agent to deal further. Auto dialer software can also be programmed to deliver and play a message or deliver it on the answering machine and can even offer a lot of options who answer the call.

An auto dialer is not only useful for call centers but also have many uses that go beyond selling. A school could try using auto dialer and inform parents about important announcements. Other than that, broadcasting agencies can use this to alert people about extreme weather conditions. The political candidate could use the tool to convince people about voting or polling.

Hence proved, the auto dialer is the most considerable thing as compared to manual dialing. It helps a lot in making communication easy and ideal than dialing numbers manually.


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