RyanAir finally lands in Slovenia.

As of Thursday 7 June, that is, with the long-anticipated service between Maribor (MBX), Slovenia’s second city, and London-Stansted (STN). Three flights weekly – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I’m not a huge fan of RyanAir (although their flights can be memorable), but must concede that both cost and convenience may supercede principle –on occasion.

Cost: I just keyed in a few quick trips and this is what the RyanAir search engine spit out– A quick trip leaving Saturday 9 June, returning Tuesday the 12th came in at €72.28 round trip, taxes included. At the moment, Tuesday outbound and Tuesday return are the cheapest at €57.38 (w/ taxes), giving you an extra €14.90 to indulge yourself with should you spend an entire week in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Convenience: To keep prices so ridiculously low, RyanAir oftentimes schedules flights at even more ridiculous hours. But with the Maribor flight, they’re quite reasonable. Departure from MBX is at 14:35, and departure from Stansted at 11:11, which generally means that your journey to the airport from northern London won’t have to begin in the pre-dawn hours.

Bear in mind that RyanAir charges for ALL checked bags (15 kg limit) –£5/€6 at time of online booking or £10/€12 at airport check-in–  while excess baggage fees begin at £5.50/€8 per kilo. With the latter, they’re annoyingly strict.

And somewhat related, an important note to Slovenian travelers who are still wondering –or still upset– about Easyjet’s cancellation last year of their Ljubljana – Berlin Shoenefeld flight: The cancellation had little to do with demand, since the flights operated at 90% + capacity. It was cancelled, according to an EasyJet employee I met last week on another flight, because passengers were not spending enough money on board. Those wildly overpriced cups of instant coffee and stale Mars bars are extremely important to the no-frills carriers’ bottom line. I’m sure RyanAir is no different.

And definitely related: RyanAir Campaign is a decent site that chronicles passenger’s problems for the airline that last October was voted the world’s most disliked carrier in a survey of TripAdvisor readers. 

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