Celica - Ljubljana
Celica - Ljubljana

Celica – LJ pic of the day

Behind the graffiti wall is Celica, the now globally renowned icon among Ljubljana hostels, thanks to its designation last year as the ‘World’s Hippest Hostel’ by Lonely Planet.

Rates start at €17/night in a 12-bed dorm-style room, to €24/night in one of the two-bed ‘cells’.

Celica is a former army barracks, and the ‘cells’ are/were real. (Some dizzying panoramas of the cells here.) Just a short walk from the main train and bus stations, the location is extremely convenient, but reservations WELL in advance are recommended. There are even daily guided tours.

I’ve never stayed there so can’t speak for its comforts, but the adjacent restaurant is quite good for a quick lunch.

Reviews anyone?

  1. I stayed here for a week in May 2006. We chose the cheaper top floor dorm room, basically a bunch of beds on an attic floor, rustic but still comfortable enough and clean…just crowded. If I recall correctly, there are no lockers, so all of us (think we were pushing 15 in there) had to walk over each other’s beds and bags constantly, while trying not to knock over drying towels/laundry hanging from the exposed beams. But I’ll take a crowded attic over a basement everyday, there is lots of light and windows that can be opened.

    There are two bathrooms in the attic “suite” so you don’t have to walk far to shower, etc. It was cozy and fine for me, but if you want more space and privacy, def. book in advance for one of their stylish cells. There is a “zen” cell on the second floor, a sort or spiritual silent hideaway for all guests to use as a retreat. Unfortunately, the music from the bar/restaurant on the first floor sometimes made peaceful reflection pointless 🙂

    The buffet breakfast (included w/stay) was excellent, and loaded with fruit, cereal, bread, sandwich meat, etc. It was very easy to eat breakfast and pack an extra apple or sandwich lunch to take away too. We did that for our daytrip to Bled, thanks Celica!

    Because it is an art gallery and gathering place for other activities, the place seemed always busy, the staff a bit frazzled and overworked, but def. a step above your average hostel and worth a visit when in LJ.

  2. I stayed there when I first arrived and was hunting for an apartment. Quite decent accomodation, but on the steep side for a hostel. The cells were neat, but beyond the cool design and the novelty, it was clearly a cell. I wacked my head on the ceiling over the loft bed in our room quite a few times. The dent in my skull can vouch for the strenght of a concrete prison.

    It is definitely a cool place to hang out, the drinks and food are reasonably priced and then there’s the fact that Metelkova is right outside the door. Then again, that can be a bit of a curse when the woo-hooing and bottle smashing continues from 9pm to 9:30am. Man, I’m getting old.

  3. Thanks, Lisa. I too thought the prices are a bit on the steep side as well, but that doesn’t seem to stop people. There’s apparently a growing number of hostels here that are cheaper. Oh, and sorry about the dent in your skull!

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