On the bus



Snapped this while at a red light during a quick trip to Beograd (Belgrade) the other day. What do YOU think about when you’re sitting on a bus?

Beograd 01, originally uploaded by pirano.

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  1. sgazzetti says

    Typically I think about how much I hate traveling by bus.

    Right now, though, I’m thinking about what an interesting, appealing photograph this is. I especially like it in light of knowing that it was the result of your alertness, made in an instantaneous act during a moment you could have ignored. Taking photographs beats complaining about the traffic.

  2. ana. says

    i usually think abt what stop i need to get off at! 🙂

  3. Susana says

    My bus-riding days were years ago. I usually sat with the mayor of the town I lived in and found out the latest news.

  4. Michael N says

    Hmm…It’s not often that I travel by bus, but when I do; I usually daydream about my next trip to Slovenia. 😉

  5. Jean says

    Sex. What else?

  6. pirano says

    Interesting answers, all.

  7. groetjes says

    Great photo!!!!

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