What’s on Radio Titograd?

Found this old radio in my grandmother’s attic over the weekend, an RIZ (RadioIndustrija Zagreb) 634 UKV. According to this Croatian collector’s site, stariradio.com, it was the last of the Zagreb manufacturer’s series of 28 models. My guess is that this monster is among the heaviest too. This model was made in 1963, making it a few years older than me, so I’ll consider it a genuine antique.

I love the veritable geography lesson on this huge dial. I wonder how many times my grandparents tuned in to Radio Temisoara?

Mine‘s missing the far right button of three, next to ‘jazz’ and ‘govor’. Anyone know where I can find one?

And while on topic, the collector and restorer, Marijan, is apparently still looking for seven of the 28 RIZ‘s to fill out his collection.  Can anyone help?

RIZ 634 UKV (02), originally uploaded by pirano.

  1. pengovsky says

    I take it you’re keeping it, right?

  2. pirano says

    Of course! I didn’t vacuum out 25-year-old cobwebs and dead flies from the insides for nothing! 🙂

  3. bosnia says

    Titograd = Podgorica , capital Crna Gora = Montenegro

  4. potzekalnikov says

    well, unfortunately, some decades, radio temisoara (it’s, actually, timisoara or temisvar in serbian-croatian) used to be banned by the ceausescu regime.
    which “helped” us, the people living around timisoara, to turn on Studio B or 202 and learn about Partibejkers or Parni Valjak or Bajaga or Plavi Orkestar or…

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