If you’re in Cleveland between now and the 13th…

tour_banner.jpg…Check out its traveling impressionist collection, Modern Masters, aka Monet to Dali, which was a big hit recently in Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul.

The traveling exhibit included 144 pieces, but it was expanded at home to include several pieces that don’t travel well, including the museum’s version of Rodin’s Thinker that was damaged in a bombing in 1970. (Who says Cleveland is boring!)

Best of all, since much of the museum is closed for rennovation/expansion, it’s free!

self-port-w-hat.jpgOne of my highlights was this self-portrait by German painter and print-maker Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, a founding member of Die Brücke (The Bridge). It reminded me of African woodcuts, and I really liked his hat. In the early Nazi years, 608 of his painting were seized from Museums and labeled as ‘degenerate art.’

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