This isn’t your average everyday Self-Absorbed Bike Lane-Parking Moron. This seems more like someone who must really hate people who choose not to drive. LJ-X7-190 is not only blocking the bike lane, but he’s blocking bus access too. Double Moron? Moron-Plus?

I thought that last year’s redoing of the parking lots near the BTC’s market would put an end to this sort of Self-Absorbed Bike Lane-Parking Moronic chicanery, then along comes LJ-X9-190, a driver for Pinki Pizza (you can call them at 041-90 80 88 to let them that their driver, who was on a delivery at about 16:00 this afternoon at Ljubljana’s BTC, is really giving them a bad name).

Note to newspaper/magazine editors: large high resolution photos available.

self-absorbed-bike-lane-parking-moron-000000014, originally uploaded by pirano.

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  1. Julia says

    Brno, Czech Republic (which doesn’t have many bike lanes, but does have self-absorbed car parkers) has just implemented a sticker system for parents trying to push baby carriages along sidewalks. If someone parks on the sidewalk they can get slapped with a sticker that says “Rozhnevany Matky” and “Stojis mi v ceste” or roughly, “Angry mothers” “You are standing in my way.”

    Here’s the story :

  2. here says

    Your cranium must be protecting some very valuable brains.


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