I found this nifty USB wine dispenser while surfing about the other day, and while the choice of colors certainly makes for an inviting addition to my heap of useless junk collection, my local tech consultants advised against it; apparently the high speed lines available in my part of Ljubljana can’t quite handle the distribution of wine. Yet.

So I spent the 10 EUR on a bottle of wine instead, choosing to revisit teranton, a wine as Slovenian as the fabled ass sweat.

Like Kraški Teran, Teranton is produced from refošk (refosco del Carso) grapes that are grown only in the mineral-rich red soils of the karst in western Slovenia. it’s bottled by the VinaKras winery, but not every year; on average it’s bottled just two or three times per decade.

Unlike teran (and particularly refošk), which is made to be drunk young, teranton is cask aged for three to six years, then bottle aged for another two to four before release. So don’t be too shocked to find the 1997 on store shelves these days; it’s the only vintage readily available in grocery stores, but you’ll probably still find older vintages at smaller, more specialized wine shops. (If I find one, I’ll let you know.)

The 1997 is unlike others I’ve tried, which I remember being spicy on the palate, a black pepper kind of spice. (I can’t consult those notes from years ago since they were stolen by a junkie who walked into my apartment a couple of years back and stole a couple of bags, one of which held a decades worth of wine files. I hope the fuckface learned something.)

This one had no hint of spice at all; instead, there was some forward plummy fruit with some hints of blackberry and cherry. Over all, it’s medium bodied-plus, pleasant on the palate, and well worth the 12 or so euros. It’s said to be best with kraški pršut, Prosciutto from the karst, and I have to agree, since I’ve never drank it with anything else.

By the way, kraški pršut is among the best in the world.


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