All smiles.

This NY City driver was apparently happy to pose for this pic taken by New York city bike commuter bicyclesonly when he was parked in a bike lane on W. 77th in Manhattan. But who got the last laugh?

We did!

bicyclesonly posted the pic on the New York stop of, and after several complaints to the driver’s employer –apparently said driver had also racked up $2000 in unpaid parking tickets, according to public records– he was fired.

While the NYC hub is the busiest, there are now more than 50 cities affiliated in the quest, including sites for Toronto,  Montreal, Vancouver and Victoria in Canada, Perth and Sydney in Australia, and London.

bikelane_red_sm.jpgI’ve also located Wrong Parking, a similar vigilante outfit in Tallinn, Estonia; and I Parked In A Bike, another NYC-based outfit that provides anyone interested with bright red stickers to help remind self-absored bike lane-parking morons that they have indeed Parked in a Bike Lane.

In the meantime, check out the Self-absorbed Bike Lane-Parking Moron photo pool, to see if there’s anyone there you know.

Truck Driver in Bike Lane Responds to Polite Request to Move, originally uploaded by bicyclesonly.

  1. Time for you to get some “Self-absorbed Bike Lane-Parking Moron” stickers printed up! I’m thinking hot pink…

  2. In Takoma Park, Maryland, activists used to put faux (but realistic-looking) parking tickets on SUVs. The “tickets” included lots of info about why you shouldn’t be driving a gas guzzler. I think those were legal, since there was no *sticking* involved. Maybe you could leave those (along with your url, of course), on the windshield of each car you photograph.

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