A few Ljubljana rail deals…

I just picked up some tickets and info at the train station, so thought I’d list it here as well.

Slovenia Rail offers quite a few cheap rides to a variety of destinations. BUT it’s important to note that the number of cheap fares listed is very limited, usually six to eight seats per route, so buy early.

– Ljubljana – Belgrade – Six trains/day, 8.5-10 hrs.  25 EUR/one way
– Ljubljana – Budapest – daily departure at 7:40, arrival 16:23.  29 EUR/one way
– Ljubljana – Prague – daily departure at 10:18, arrival 21:55.  29 EUR/one way
– Ljubljana – Zurich – daily departure at 20:35, arrival 8:20.  29 EUR/one way
– Ljubljana – Munich – three per day, about 6.5 hrs.  71.40 EUR/round trip
– Ljubljana – Vienna – three per day, about 5.5 hrs.  29 EUR/one way
– Ljubljana – Venice – twice daily, just under 4 hrs.  15 or 25 EUR/one way

At the moment, purchase/reservation is not available via the web; here’s a link to purchase points. Check here for couchette/sleeper surcharges.

slo_train, originally uploaded by pirano.

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