American Slovenian, linguistically speaking.

1907spine.jpgI scanned these from a 1907 edition of Dom in Svet (Home and the World), apparently a year book of sorts, that I picked up for about 50 cents at a bookshop sale last year.

  tujke1-small.jpg  tujke2-small.jpg  tujke3-small.jpg

While this collection includes several Anglicized bastardizations of “words” spoken among the Slovenian diaspora in the U.S. a century ago, it’s amusing to me because you can still hear many of these terms even now in the Slovenian clubs of Cleveland, Chicago or Pittsburgh. I certainly heard quite a few while growing up.

Even more amusing is that forms of these terms have found their way back home, and can be heard in regular everyday usage among Slovenians in Slovenia today.

A few of my favorites:
Fajtati (to fight)
mufati (to move)
Krezi (crazy)
– Apštes (upstairs)!

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