Google Translate adds Slovenian

As many Slovenian bloggers pointed out in recent days, Slovenian has been added to languages available on the google translate scroll down menu. Who’d have thought?

This language spoken by about 2 million at home –and another 50,000 or so in the greater Cleveland area– was among 11 added late last month. Others added: Catalan, Filipino, Hebrew, Indonesian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

It works as well as expected, but there was at least one somewhat amusing glitch reported early on. Forms of the word Slovenkih, a possessive form of Slovenian, was at first translated as Croatian. Keying in Slovenian coast, for example, returned Croatian coast. Oh well, it is a very small coastline after all. It works fine now, all is forgiven.

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  1. Camille says

    thanks for the tip. gotta test this out!

  2. […] Weiße hat er bei einem Tester bei der Eingabe “slowenische Küste” (engl.) auf slowenisch “kroatische […]

  3. u says

    No it doesn’t work fine now… still translates it to Croatian coast. Oh well.

  4. Vid says

    No mogoče je majhna obala a je zelo lepa. In bila bi večja če je Hrvati in Italijani nebi ukradli.

  5. pirano says

    @camille – did you give it a spin yet?
    @u – I just tried it again and it was correct. Strange.
    @vid – That was just a little joke. 🙂

  6. u says

    OK. So from slovenian to english it’s croatian coast, from croatian to english it’s slovenian coast, from czech (!) to english its slovak coast, and from slovak to english its slovene coast…

  7. u says

    ps. The phrase keyed in is “slovenska obala”.

  8. kate says

    i put a simple “thanks so much” and it came out in Spanish.

  9. pirano says

    @Kate – Spanish is set as the default on the pull down menu. Slovenian is right above Spanish on that menu.

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