Strongsville, Ohio

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  1. Elvis says

    Even out here in San Francisco, the “Wrongsville” video has been making the rounds. As a a native of adjacent Geauga County, I’m taking this pretty hard.

    Brady Quinn of the Browns was actually at this rally.

    McCain actually said to Quinn, “Good luck Sunday!”

    The Browns play Monday night.

    Fucker couldn’t perform due diligence if his life depended on it.

  2. rex says

    ooh! I couldn’t actually watch that whole thing… I know that there are a lot of vapid people out there, but I really hate actually witnessing their shallow reasoning.
    Though the interviewer asks these folks a loaded question that elicits over-the-top answers, it’s easier on them than asking simply, “Would you vote for Obama if he weren’t black?”
    Disgusting, but not surprising; I know the southwest suburbs of Cleveland all too well.

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