Wine and Hard Times

Don’t dive out of the window into a shallow pool of cheap jug wine just yet.

From Robin Garr‘s 30 Second Wine Advisor last Friday:

Your 401(k) is a mere shadow of its former self. Your house is now officially worth less than you still owe on it, and so is your car. And you’re not absolutely certain that when you go down to your bank in the morning, you won’t find that someone has put a padlock on the door.

When hard times come knocking on the door, what in the heck are we going to do about a necessary luxury like wine?

His bottom line: shop smart, stupid. My favorite from his shopping-during-a-recession list?

Revisit your subscription list – Pricey wine magazines like Wine Spectator focus on the winestyles of the rich and famous and the pricey wines they drink; Robert M. Parker Jr.’s Wine Advocate is more serious but still tends to specialize in higher-priced and hard-to-fine “cult” wines. If you find you aren’t buying many of the wines reviewed in these costly publications, consider whether the subscription price is returning its value.

If these hard times hit here in Slovenia, Slovenians will be well-prepared on the wine front. As in neighboring Italy, Croatia and Hungary, and nearby Germany and France, wine for daily drinking is odprto vino, or open wine, purchased from winemakers or market stalls, generally starting at about 2 euros per liter. More often not, perfectly fine for daily quaffing. And if that becomes too much, no worries. Many simply make their own. And of course, everyone knows someone who makes their own.

The Louisville, Kentucky-based Garr has been to Slovenia several times, and had plenty of good things to say about wine in these parts. Search his site here for plenty of tasting notes and trip diaries. His free daily email bulletin is a must for anyone with anything more than a simple passing interest in wine.

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  1. Mile C. says

    OK, so I have to come from Louisville, my current American hometown, to Ljubljana, my birthplace, to learn that Robin Garth, of Louisville, is an expert on Slovenian wine, inter alia. Obviously, I am not paying attention on who is doing what, veryn well at that, in Louisville m- a place normally no one knows about. Again, thanks for your info.


  2. pirano says

    🙂 It is funny, but I’ve heard several such examples.


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